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Tracy Grathwohl

Humor Writer

Green Typewriter

A Bit About Me

I am a writer and columnist. I write the monthly column, Tilting at Windmills, for the East Hampton Press. My columns also appear in the South Hampton Press and the Sag Harbor Express, because they have the same owner and content is content.

I have other articles too. They have appeared in AARP's Newsletters, Disrupt Aging and  The Girlfriend, as well as the East Hampton Star.

See that typewriter over there? I don't use one. I use a computer. And I sit at a messy desk and drink from a 20 oz reusable cup. But that typewriter over there is more charming than

my work space.

Below is a collection of my Tilting at Windmills columns and my other articles.

Have a look!

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